Pilot autonomous shuttle underway in Cobb Cumberland area

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The Cumberland Community Improvement District (CCID) and Beep, a manufacturer of autonomous electric vehicles, launched the Cumberland Hopper, an autonomous shuttle pilot program that aims to revolutionize transportation options within the Cumberland district. 

The Cumberland Hopper pilot program will run until March 2024.

According to a press release from the CCID the program will showcase the Cumberland CID’s dedication to providing safe and reliable mobility solutions to the rapidly growing Cumberland community.

During the eight-month pilot program, the Cumberland Hopper will operate along two designated routes, connecting key destinations as part of the larger Cumberland Sweep mobility project. 

“We are excited to partner with Beep, a leader in autonomous mobility, to bring the Cumberland Hopper autonomous shuttle pilot program to the Cumberland CID,” said Kim Menefee, Executive Director of the Cumberland CID for the press release. “By embracing Beep’s cutting-edge solutions, we are providing our community with a sustainable and convenient transportation option that prioritizes connectivity and safety. The Cumberland Hopper presented by the Cumberland CID represents our commitment to innovation and progress, and we look forward to the positive impact it will have on our district.”

“We are delighted to partner with the Cumberland CID to bring autonomous mobility to the Cumberland community,” said Joe Moye, CEO, Beep, Inc. “Our cutting-edge autonomous solutions are designed to provide equal access to transportation and streamlined connectivity to communities across the country. The Cumberland Hopper pilot program exemplifies our shared mission of providing safe and effective transportation, and we are excited to showcase the benefits of autonomous mobility to the Cumberland CID.”

To view a map and schedule for the Hopper follow this link.

About the Cumberland Community Improvement District

The Cumberland Community Improvement District (CCID)  was the first Community Improvement District in Georgia, and in fact the business community in the Cumberland area did the initial lobby that led the state to create the framework for CIDs in 1985.

The CCID has more than 190 commercial properties within its defined boundaries.

According to the CCID website:

Today, Cumberland has a $23.6 billion annual impact on Georgia’s economy. Cumberland is home to major entertainment venues and major companies including the Atlanta Braves, Papa Johns, The Home Depot, Synovus, Comcast, TK Elevator, Cumberland Mall, Genuine Parts Company, and more.

A Community Improvement District (CID) in Georgia is a geographically defined area within a county or municipality where property owners voluntarily agree to pay an additional tax or fee to fund projects and initiatives that will improve the community. The purpose of a CID is to encourage economic development, enhance public infrastructure, and provide services and amenities that benefit the residents, businesses, and visitors within the district.

CIDs are governed by a board of directors typically composed of property owners and stakeholders within the district. They have the authority to collect and allocate additional funds, usually in the form of a property tax or special assessment, to finance projects such as road and transportation improvements, public safety enhancements, beautification initiatives, and marketing efforts to attract businesses and visitors.

The creation and operation of a CID requires approval from affected property owners, local government entities, and sometimes a majority vote by residents within the district. Once established, CIDs have the authority to execute contracts, issue bonds, and collaborate with government agencies to oversee and implement community improvement projects. They often play a crucial role in enhancing and revitalizing areas, attracting investment, and improving the overall quality of life within their boundaries.