Marjorie Taylor Greene sez all you Communists with yer fancy vaccines and science can take a leap

sock puppet with tin foil hatSock puppet with tin foil hat

In the “why should I have brakes on my car when I haven’t wrecked it yet?” department, the veritable fountain of bad takes and wacky rant, Marjorie Taylor Greene, was practically ebullient in bragging that she hasn’t been vaccinated.

She also seemed proud of accruing $90,000 in fines for refusing to follow House rules put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

She posted the following message to her Telegram account (which has become a virtual megaphone of batshit crazy rants about Communists and Twitter and Communist Twitter since she was unceremoniously bounced off that platform for COVID misinformation):

I have nearly $90,000 in mask fines from Speaker Nancy Pelosi because I refuse to wear a mask on the House floor.


Masks have not stopped the spread of Covid and I believe it is a violation of my rights to force me to wear a mask.

I also believe masking children is child abuse!!

I am NOT vaccinated and have introduced the We Will Not Comply Act to make all mask and vaccine mandates illegal and discriminatory.

We MUST stop Communism in America and I’m so excited to see this young generation is in the game!
Let’s Go!

It’s easy to imagine MTG dropping dead-end legislation written in crayon, with hammers, sickles and red stars scrawled on it into the hopper, never to be seen again.

Thanks to the wisdom of our junior Orval Faubuses and Marvin Griffins in the Georgia legislature and governor’s office, she has been foisted onto our county like an abandoned replica of Bill the Cat, unable to handle the most basic constituent services or to represent the interests of the residents of Austell and Powder Springs in any meaningful way.