Friends of Mableton cleanup plus Lions Club honored at Capitol

Men and women wearing yellow safety vests posing after cleanup of Queen Mill Road

Barry Krebs, the vigorous dynamo of important volunteer events in Mableton and other parts of Cobb County, sent the following two messages with accompanying photos. The first is about a cleanup conducted by the Friends of Mableton on Queen Mill Road. The second is about an honor the Lions Club received at the state Capitol.

Krebs often keeps the Courier informed of volunteer opportunities in the Community due to his work with Keep Cobb Beautiful, the South Cobb Lions Club, Sweetwater Mission, and the First Christian Church of Mableton.

Regarding a successful cleanup the Friends of Mableton conducted on Queen Mill Road, Krebs wrote:

We appreciate the Friends Of Mableton who removed 21 bags of litter and 5 tires from their adopted two miles of Queen Mill Road. Volunteers from the Mableton Improvement Coalition and the South Cobb Lions Club also joined in the effort. We had a great time while improving our community.


If you and/or your neighbors are interested in adopting-a-mile, please reach out to Dawn at . She will order your road signs and provide you with all of the supplies to keep your mile looking good.

All photos provided by Barry Krebs

And speaking of the Lions Club, he sent the following message and photos about an honor the Lions Club received at the Georgia State Capitol for their work on behalf of blind and low-vision people:

What a thrill to receive a proclamation from our elected officials at the State Capital. The proclamation praised the Lions Clubs for their support of the Georgia Lions Lighthouse which provides glasses and surgeries for people with vision problems, the GA Lions Camp which gives visually impaired or mentally disabled kids with lots of fun activities, grants and funding for Leader Dog programs and contributions to the Georgia Eye Bank. There was a lot of activity at our capital. We appreciate District Governor Dennis Chapman for making all of the arrangements. Senator Doc Rhett ran into Lion Barry outside. He was not able to be at the ceremony. But he is a Lion and is proud of our accomplishments.

Sen. Michael Rhett and Barry Krebs
Capital Atlanta Latino Club

Barry Krebs is a well-known fixture in the South Cobb community due to his vigorous volunteer work with Keep Cobb Beautiful, the South Cobb Lions Club, Sweetwater Mission, and First Christian Church of Mableton.

If you are active in community affairs in Mableton, Austell or Powder Springs, you’ll encounter Barry, because Barry is everywhere.